Murray’s Cheese 101

Over the weekend I spent time with my family in NYC and signed up for a cheese class at Murray’s Cheese, located at 254 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014.

Murray's Cheese
Murray’s Cheese

I like to think I know a lot about cheese, or at least know about lot about eating cheese. I really enjoyed this class! Along with learning some new types of cheeses, we got to do a lot of mixing and matching with different flavors to see what works and what doesn’t with each type of cheese. Also, the best part of a tasting is that it’s your palate and preferences so you’re never really wrong. I’m not sure if they have the same instructor every time, but if you get Christine Clark, you’re in good hands!

As you can see behind me, it’s a pretty great setup…including unlimited red and sparkling wines (or appropriate non-alcoholic beverages)

Excited for Cheese
Excited for Cheese

Also, a plethora of snacks to mix and match with our food – walnuts, dried apricots, Marcona almonds, and dried cherries.


And…of course…who could forget….the cheese! Each participant gets about a half pound of cheese.

Cheese 101 Board
Cheese 101 Board

The cheeses, starting from the top going clockwise: Vermont Creamery Goat Log, Nettle Meadow Kunik, Winnimere, Mrs. Quicke’s Goat Cheddar, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Parmigiano Reggiano di Bruna, and Ewes Blue.  All were good, the Winnimere is definitely an acquired taste but I highly recommend the blue cheese – it was excellent!


Unfortunately, since I was flying back and didn’t have much extra space, I couldn’t take back any of the goodies I saw in the shop. They’ve got the most comprehensive olive bar I think I’ve ever seen. Not to mention a plethora of cured meats to go along with all their cheeses.

Murray's Olive Bar
Murray’s Olive Bar


If you’re in the area I highly recommend going to Murray’s.

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