What it’s like to NOT run during WDW Marathon Weekend

If you’re asking me what it’s like to watch what seems to be practically everyone I know run at Disney and not run it too? Well, it sucks! Seriously…what was I thinking when I didn’t sign up for the WDW Half Marathon weekend this year??? Then, to top it all off, New Balance releases sneakers that can only be purchased AT the expo or none other than my favorite Disney Princess, Ariel. What was a girl to do? As my Team RunDisney friends know, you’ve gotta make lemonade outta lemons of course!


We only live about 2 hours away from The Mouse so early Saturday morning I set out on my quest to obtain these sneakers.  The official RunDisney word was that the expo opened at 10. We made it to the parking lot at 9:30 so I figured, what the heck, I can stare at my phone standing around Wide World or Sports just as well as I can in the car!  To my delight, the doors to the expo swung open about 9:40!  I’ve never seen an expo so empty! It was eerily quiet.

I rushed…in an orderly fashion….down the stairs and straight to the New Balance zone.  10 minutes later, the shoes were mine! And since Matt was napping in the car I used some extra time to peruse the raw threads booth and got myself a nice matching Little Mermaid tank top.

On the way out I snagged a few pictures of the Princess and Star Wars Darkside medals 🙂  Is it time for Glass Slipper Challenge yet?!?!?!?!




All that success was pretty tiring.  We had a little time to ride a couple rides at Magic Kingdom and then had a little snack at the new JOCK LINDSEY’S HANGAR BAR


We tried to have a drink here once before but the place was packed!  The building looks huge but unfortunately doesn’t have enough seating in my opinion.  Saturday we scored seats at the bar easily and had a great view of all the tchotchkes on the walls. image

After reading the extensive drink menu I settled on the Cool-Headed Monkey.  It was very refreshing and not too sweet.  I’d highly recommend this one.  I could easily drink 3 or 10 of these in a sitting.image


Matt was driving us back so he had the Poisonless Dart which was sort of a virgin mojito, also good for what it was.

What was less than tasty were the:

Air Pirate’s Pretzels: A flight of Everything Pretzels with House-made Mustard and Beer-Cheese Fondue: $10.50

The pretzels were lackluster even for having all the “everything” seeds, etc. on them. They tasted stale as well.  Even the beer-cheese fondue couldn’t save them – and I’d eat that on a flip-flop!  The house-made mustard was a little sweet for my taste. They do get a few points for this adorable little airplane though!image

Overall, the drinks, servers, and ambiance were fantastic but the pretzels were not.  We’ll definitely be back to try some more drinks and snacks next time.

Thanks for sticking with me through this LLLOOOONNNGGG post!


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